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The secret behind Japanese eyebrows

This method already spread all over Europe and is taking over the world rapidly. It is a quick and simple solution for all those women who ran out of ideas how to replace their missing eyebrows. Also called microblogging, this method is perfect for corrections. It will make your eyebrows look amazing in only a few easy steps.

The main advantage this Japanese method has over traditional tattooing is that tattoos tend to lose shape and blur over time. If you decide to tattoo a thin and soft part of skin, you will end up with a blurry and messy image after a while. Also, tattoos often bleed on the edges and make the image unattractive. Japanese eyebrows are precise, they do not lose shape or sharpness over time, and they are more adapted for sensitive, thin skin. Keep reading to understand what Japanese microblogging method and for even more info, you can check out any of the Frumusete Sanatate websites.

What is the Japanese method of microblogging?

Before this method, many other techniques of eyebrow corrections existed and still exist. But, many of them were risky and hazardous and caused all kinds of problems. The lines of the newly drawn eyebrows would bleed and change shape, colors would mix, and the whole job would turn into an ugly mess. Microblading, on the other hand, is safe and you can count that your eyebrows will not change color or shape.

The process is quick and simple for an expert in microblading. The eyebrow master uses specialized hand tools which help to create thinner and precise strokes. However, these do not penetrate the skin so deeply as with traditional tattoos. It is why the strokes look very refined and elegant. The master craftsman then deposits the fine pigment into the fresh cuts, creating a masterpiece eyebrow, each and every time.

The secret of the process are the fine pigments the brow artists use. It quickly turns into silicone after application and then it cannot react with the tissues around it. This way, the pigment stays in place, and that is why this method produces the sharpest results. Of course, this method is not permanent, and you will need a touch-up every one to three years. Microblading is the best way to a new look, without the need for painful tattoos or other expensive, but unreliable solutions.

A Simply Delicious Saturday Lunch

Rotini pasta with pesto sauce, tossed in red peppers, carrots and sweet onions topped with slices of avocado :)

Looks delicious! Did you make the pesto sauce yourself, or is there a store bought brand you can recommend?

Ooh that looks good. Looks like a good lunch indeed.

DELICIOUS! Avocado makes evvvverything bettter!

My kind of lunch or dinner! It looks very delicious. Have a great week Jennifer!

Wow! Looks so delicious!!

What a delicious looking lunch! So much better than the turkey sandwich I just ate! 😉