5 Simple veggie dinner ideas

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Here are five veggie dinner ideas for during the week:


{Photo courtesy of Tomatoes and Friends}
Quinoa, Black Bean, and Mango Salad A must-try summer salad!  CLICK HERE for the recipe.


{Photo courtesy of Little House of Veggies}
Morgans Crispy Vegetable Lavash Wraps with Spicy Hummus Dip! CLICK HERE for recipe.


Guacamole Portobello Mushroom. CLICK HERE.


{Photo courtesy of Rhymes with Vegan}
A crowd-pleasing pasta salad. CLICK HERE for recipe.


{Photo courtesy of PeaSoupEats}

CLICK HERE for the recipe to this beautiful veggie and rice stir-fry.

Mmm sounds like a plan! Wonderful round-up of recipes.

Nice variety Jen :)

Thanks again for featuring my recipe!! I always get a thrill when you choose one of my dishes:)

Jennifer, your blog is such an inspiration, I have completely changed up my diet. Keep these awesome recipes coming!!

lovely meals often eat veg meals

Everything looks fabulously delicious. Will try out the quinoa salad this weekend. Thanks for the recipes.

Oh, wow.YUM! I am going to try all of these. Thank you!

Yum! Great ideas!

Ohh, I love the quinoa salad. Those are nice, easy, quick picks for the summer!

mmm. great photos and ideas. Looks lovely. another good resource for eating a balanced vegetarian diet and helping meal plan lovely vegetarian dinners

great photos and awesome ideas, thinking about making the quinoa salad tonight ;)

[] reading a Sherlock Holmes anthology. The original recipe was posted on the Vancouver based blog Sweet on Veg, I have since made a few alterations but this is always the case with anything Im cooking. []

Thank you so much gorgeous girl for including my recipe! xo <3

Im new to all of this and I think this is the best site for great simple recipes. Ive loved every one that Ive tried and so have my friends. The Portobello Mushroom one was especially easy and very tasty. Thank you for posting it.

Thank you for the comments.

Mary Jo Thank you so much. I really appreciate that.

Great lighting. I also love Quinoa

You made me want to start cooking! I love a good quinoa recipe.

OMG I want to eat all of these.

[] 5 Simple Veggie Dinner Ideas | SweetOnVeg.com. []